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Are you looking for new talent from abroad? Great, then you've come to the right place. We support highly qualified employees and specialists with professional training in their search for an employment in Germany.

We are committed to fair treatment of all employees. The following main aspects are particularly important to us:

Fair pay and good working conditions for all employees regardless of their background and origin.

The company is responsible for the integration of its foreign employees and the company actively promotes integration.

Language is the key to successful integration and must therefore be encouraged and supported.


    If you agree with the central ideas of our organization's diversity and fairness strategy, you can register your organization or institution on our website.


    Next, please provide us with brief information about your organization using the contact form below. We will then contact you and conduct an interview to discuss necessary next steps and identify your needs. It is important for us to personally get to know the companies we present on our site, as the success of the job placement also depends on this.


    After having paid your invoice, your user account will be activated. You can create a company profile and use our services without restrictions. This includes, for example, the digital integration assistant or viewing the application profiles of users worldwide. You can also choose a language school in our partner network to provide German lessons. It would be advisable for employers to provide at least some of the language training, as this is one of the key factors determining the success of professional integration.


    The language schools and the language agencies abroad have another important function. They can search for suitable candidates for you, as they are the ones who know their respective labor market best. After the suitable employee has been found and the employment contract has been signed, the employees are informed about the next steps with the help of our digital integration assistant. This includes information about the required documents for the visa (if necessary), health insurance, searching for housing, etc.


    About 3 months after having started the job, the newly recruited worker will then be interviewed and asked about the work environment in the company, language support etc. If the results are good, your company will be awarded our "Diversity and Fairness Seal of Approval", which enables others to see your commitment to diversity in the company. You can find out more about this below.

Open Deutsch Seal of Approval

If the company meets the criteria and is committed to integration and language support for foreign employees, it will receive our "Diversity and Fairness Badge". This badge signals to the public that xenophobia and discrimination have no place in the company and that the company is committed to a welcoming culture.

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