Digital Integration Assistant


One software, two solutions!

IDA makes the road to Germany a breeze.

Whether for the company or for newcomers, IDA helps with integration in Germany. 


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The Integration Digital Assistant (IDA) in your company


You are looking for professionals abroad and want to prepare and support them in the best possible way for a life in Germany?
New country, new language, new laws. Emigrating to a new country can involve many hurdles. How is it going with the residence permit, with work or with health insurance? For families, of course, there are other questions: Do I get child benefit in Germany, and how much? What schools are there for children? What rights do I have as a migrant in Germany?

In cooperation with the TU Berlin, our team is developing a digital guide for the newcomers, explaining step by step how to cope with everyday special challenges (e.g. which administrative procedures to take care of and how that works). In parallel, basic knowledge of the German language is taught so that immigrants can solve these tasks independently.

We prepare detailed instructions with specific addresses, links and lists of documents that may be required, and translate the forms to be completed into English. The Digital Integration Assistent costs only a fraction of traditional relocation services! 


Many advantages


Relief of the HR department

Save time

Cost effective solution

Employee satisfaction


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The Integration Digital Assistant (IDA) for newcomers


You live abroad and want to move to Germany soon and work or study here? Or you are in Germany but still have many problems?
Problems with the residence permit, with work, with health insurance or with the German language?
Maybe you have been living and working in Germany for a while. But you want to start a family now or bring your family to Germany? You ask yourself: Do I get child benefit in Germany, and how much? Which schools are there for my child? What rights do I have as a migrant in Germany?

With our digital integration assistant we want to answer all these questions. In it you will find a lot of information about important points such as work, housing, finances, bank account, driver's license, health insurance, child care and much more.
We developed the integration guide together with students who themselves came from abroad and who were able to contribute their experience. 
We have also tested the integration guide with numerous migrants. So it is perfectly adapted to the needs of newcomers.

The special thing about it: We not only help you with all the important stages for a life in Germany. You can also learn German with us! We offer vocabulary trainers, explanatory videos, listening exercises, learning games and texts for better reading comprehension. So you don't just get information. You can also improve your language skills and learn important vocabulary. We want to support you in making your own way to Germany. Language learning and integration have to happen together.

Many advantages

Everything at a glance

Helpful videos

Everything easy to understand

Learn German


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