About Us

About Us

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The project Open Deutsch

Open Deutsch started as a project funded by the State of Berlin and the European Social Fund for Germany. In the meantime, Open Deutsch has evolved into a entrepreneurial company (limited liability) and designs and markets a digital platform through which we provide companies in Germany with international professionals (from abroad or already living in Germany). To date, we have a cooperation with the Technische Universität Berlin, where we also give lectures. As a social enterprise, we place special emphasis on fair working conditions for the people we place, and we also focus on their integration in the country that is new to them. In this way, we provide companies with the means not only to overcome the shortage of skilled workers, but also to achieve long-term and sustainable economic success through fair cooperation and fruitful collaboration in a diverse environment.

Unlike conventional relocation companies, we offer, for example, a detailed digital integration guide that costs only a fraction of their price, and supports newcomers in such areas as dealing with authorities, finding housing, and family-related issues such as childcare, pregnancy, etc., and also teaches them the basics of the German language so that they can manage the challenges on their own. Language and integration thus go hand in hand.


A second mainstay for us is the development of online language courses that language schools or even individual teachers can use via our platform and customize themselves. This not only gives us the know-how to combine language and integration, but also builds a network with contacts to language schools and other organizations in Germany and abroad, which provide us with applicants for the placement of skilled workers.



Open Deutsch gives teachers in Germany and abroad free access to collections of knowledge and OER teaching materials in the form of a web portal. In this way, DaF teachers have the opportunity to further their education online and to make their teaching more interactive and interesting. In addition, a database of institutions in the DaF area worldwide is created, by means of which one can inform oneself about the regional and international offers.



Our team


Studied media science and German as a foreign language in Russia and Germany. Wants to realize integration via digital channels.


Graduate physicist and software developer. Translates all teacher needs into the programming language.


Media computer scientist from Berlin. Supports the implementation of the software and wants to give the users a good user experience.


Studied English and German as a foreign language in Berlin, Manchester and Beijing. Finds communication exciting and wants people to be able to use all options to learn German.

Our Path


    2016 - 10

    The founder learns German abroad. Later, she teaches herself in Russia and in Germany. During this time, she discovers several problem areas.


    2017 - 10

    While studying DaF at the TU Berlin, the founder became increasingly aware of the need to digitize DaF teaching.


    2018 - 01

    The idea of creating a portal was born. A needs analysis among teachers from Russia and Germany confirmed the need for the project.


    2018 - 05

    The project was declared eligible by the CfE of TU Berlin. The team participated in the selection process and won the Berlin Startup Scholarship.


    2018 -09

    Since the first of September, Team ABC Deutsch has been developing the web portal, working on the business plan and conducting market research worldwide.


    2018 - 12

    Cooperation partners are invited to publish their materials. The first professional articles and teaching materials are posted on the website.


    2019 - 03

    Since the beginning of 2019, the teaching materials collection has been open to the public.


    2019 - 09

    Since September, the software for German teachers has been tested and the Digital Integration Assistent designed.


    2020 - 02

    In February 2020, the company Open Deutsch entrepreneurial company (limited liability) was officially founded. We are working ambitiously to combat the shortage of skilled workers and improve the lack of integration of immigrants.



    Funding by EU/development of the Digital Integration Assistent



    Market entry / customer acquisition